Culture Club: Eat Pray Love (PG)

Readers review this week's film
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"The way in which Italy is described reminded me of those stereotypical Merchant Ivory films... being Italian, I can guarantee you, is not all about ice cream..."

Enza Pipitone

"Forty minutes too long. Julia Roberts and Richard Jenkins were exceptionally good, but lots of irritating bits in the film: what was that aerial shot of the Colosseum doing there?"

David Griffiths

"The friend who accompanied me came to the conclusion, however cheesy, that her experiences of the film had allowed her to 'love again'. As a clinical psychologist who is engaged in Buddhist practice, I would say that Eat Pray Love is a fun movie with a serious message. The real tragedy of the film lies in the tailoring of spiritual experience for a highly commercial and inherently sceptical audience."

Angela Gilchrist

"I prefer the man's version: Shit, Shower, Shave."

Sarah J Berg

"I'm currently reading the book. I've just arrived in India."

Sar Palmer

"Julia Roberts did a great job playing a rather dislikeable, self-absorbed, prosaic author with a book advance to finance her vacation. It was actually an OK movie – beautiful scenery with a beautiful actress – better than the book."

Live Gently

"It's Sex and the City 3. But no less tedious... "

Phil Hindmarsh

"As a very hardworking family woman, I find the film offensive in many ways."

Sarah-Joy Geddes

"Terrible film... very self-absorbed. (Note that Italy, India and Indonesia all begin with I.)"

Mike Higgins

"Julia Roberts, one of the more thoughtful film stars? I must have blinked and missed it. Is there any evidence for this?"

Rocker 74

"Why do so many people hate this film? Are you all that unhappy with your lives?"

Mark Sweikhart

"The worst film of the year."

Teresa Marques

"The book was better."

Katja M Edgar

"Awful beyond belief."

Rudabah Abbass

"Eat, Pray, Retch."

Feroze Alam

"I find the idea of watching a movie about a rich, white woman who is deeply unfulfilled even though she is rich, has a loving partner and is travelling the world to 'find herself' revolting. I'd rather watch a cockroach fight."

Leslie Gray O'Neil

"Garbage actress – hideous film."

Nicholas Kolodziejski

"Why does a film rooted in such simplicity and elementary lessons in life such as Eat Pray Love need to be made? It is obvious there are those in the world who are in need of it."

Walkingstick Mountain

"No. I didn't see it. I was too busy travelling the world on my own voyage of self-discovery and didn't have the need for a synthetic experience. But it looks great!"

Renae Moneymaker

"Not clear – what does she discover on this journey of self-discovery?"

Suzanne Lawson

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