Culture Club: Horrible Bosses

Readers review this week's big film
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"Not the best way to spend an evening. Even Jennifer Aniston's performance is barely worth waiting for, though Colin Farrell's is pretty disturbing."

Angry Pancho

"Makes Bridesmaids look like Citizen Kane."

John O Sullivan

"Kevin Spacey was much better playing the ruthless boss in Swimming with Sharks."

Alex B

"Crude, lazy and misogynistic, underwritten and overplayed. Comedies can survive all that, even thrive on it, but unfortunately this one isn't remotely funny."

Martin Pengelly

"I really enjoyed Horrible Bosses. The cast is brilliant and it's so well acted. I wouldn't have thought Kevin Spacey could do this type of comedy so well and Jennifer Aniston really lets loose with a filthy role, a welcome change to all the sweet girl-next-door parts she has been playing for the past decade. It's fairly lewd stuff but if you're in the mood for something that makes you laugh and groan at the same time, then this is your ticket."

Georgina Bracknell

"Delightfully crude , entertaining in a mindless way. Colin Farrell is outstanding, really chewing up the scenery with a dynamic performance. The funniest aspect of the film, however, was the shocked looks on the faces of other cinema-goers, who had probably been expecting a 'safe' Jennifer Aniston romcom – priceless!"

John Foyle

"Mediocre at best."

Rob Gibbs

"Went with my daughter, expecting it to be utter rubbish. I was pleasantly surprised."

Jane Farley

"Watching Jennifer Aniston as a dentist is like pulling teeth."

Simon 1

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