Culture Club: Knight and Day (12A)

Readers review this week's big film
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"This proves my long-held suspicion that people don't go to see Tom Cruise movies because he is in them, but because they are typically big-budget blockbusters that people would see if a donkey was the leading man."

Phil Thompson

"I loved the movie. I actually saw it three times with different people. The fact that it has made over $200m in its worldwide box office tells me that my friends and I weren't the only ones who enjoyed it. For your information, Tom Cruise looked amazing on the big screen, and Cameron Diaz, who is 10 years younger, had more wrinkles on her face than Tom did. But then again, WHO CARES?!! They are both gorgeous and the movie was a delight!"

Glynis McCants

"Didn't they act together in another movie...?"

Ian Hanuman

"Yes, I don't know where director James Mangold went wrong. He's consistently produced (at the very least) three decent films over the years: Cop Land, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma."

Jonathan Harbottle

"I don't want to see a movie with a Scientologist in it in case the stupid rubs off on me."

Martin Bentley

"There aren't many actors above Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on Hollywood's A-list: in that director James Mangold says it all."

Alan Dean

"I enjoyed it. It was fun. So did the entire audience I was with. It was better than the numbingly boring, pretentious, experience of having to sit through Inception."

T J Foley

"It's a complete mash-up of True Lies, Bourne, Mission Impossible and Mr and Mrs Smith, with excessively bland fight scenes, and with every mildly humorous joke being spoilt, because they are all in the trailer."

Luke Stevenson

"No onscreen chemistry."

Sonia Richman

"How can someone who subscribes to a basic premise that 75 million years ago, an alien galactic ruler named Xenu was in charge of 76 planets in our sector of the galaxy, including planet Earth, whose name at that time was Teegeeack ... be expected to make a good decision about which movie to star in?"

Simon Brady

"They bothered because two high-profile stars are more likely to make the studio money. What the critics say and what the box office takes are two entirely different matters."

Bob Stone

"It's just a fun brainless summer movie that never takes itself seriously...."

Joshua Polizzi

"As for the film, I could tell by the adverts that it sucks."

Brett Leppard

"How can anybody say Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz rekindle their chemistry after starring together in Vanilla Sky? They have about as much chemistry as a dead dog."

Sara Miller

"There are so many other beautiful things to do in life than watch rubbish."

Amber Bexter

"I know not to bother going to see it."

Alex Marshall

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