Culture Club: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (12A)

Readers review this week's big film
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"Penelope Cruz tries, but all she does is strut around with carefully messed up hair and perky breasts in a tight corset. Occasional swearing in Spanish is supposed to sound sexy. FAIL. "

Lauranne Isabel Heres

"Just pleased Keira Knightley is not in it!!"

Ouafae Faith

"I still think the first one was the best. I might have enjoyed this one much more if it had not been for the damn voodoo dolls that were used... really, was that necessary? It disgusted me to the core of my stomach."

Fransie DeBeer

"My six-year-old could have scripted better jokes than this cheesy, painful tosh..."

Jayn Roberts Sadler

"I enjoyed it, though the vital chemistry between characters that made the other films enjoyable was lost. The script wasn't so good but thankfully Johnny Depp's energy alongside the sexuality of Penelope Cruz's character breathed life into the film and made it an entertaining action film that was worth watching."

Daniel Featherstone

"The trailer was better."

David Kersten

"Four parts?!!!!! OMG that's enoughhhhhhhhhhh."

Mira Kaheel

"Didn't do it for me. Time to move on."

Carlien Dutchess Lavers

"We saw it yesterday and loved it. It definitely doesn't deserve the low ratings some critics gave it."

Corné Schäfer

"I liked it, especially Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Great action, special effects and a shorter film. I would like to see more of Astrid in future."

Hyder Pirwany

"For a comedy it lacked one vital ingredient: jokes. A tired, terrible film which should be removed from our screens."

Bryan Donnelly

"I was dreading it, having read the reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised and in fact I enjoyed it. True, a lot of the jokes didn't land and there are some frustrating loose ends but the fact of the matter is, IT'S FOR KIDS! A lot more satisfying than the previous two instalments and for me the 3D worked well."

Donnchadh Grant

"There is precious little plot and the film yo-yo-hos from demented action scene to demented action scene on a sort of fairground ride for idiots. Although diehard fans and children will lap it up like thirsty dogs, a more critical eye will rightly dismiss it. "


"The plot is somewhat darker than the previous films, especially in Blackbeard's sadism. That said, it is very enjoyable, with twists and parallel storylines including a love story between a mermaid (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) and a devoutly religious kidnapee (Sam Claflin)."

Alex Harland

"The first Pirates still reigns supreme but I found the fourth outing oddly entertaining. It certainly ranks way above the second and third editions and it is worth viewing. It is flawed but it manages to capture your eye. The mermaid was excellent."


"Supposedly, the most fearsome character in it is Blackbeard. He's played by Lovejoy (Ian McShane). Summation complete, conclusions drawn."

Ben Ferguson

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