Culture Club: Salt (12A)

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"Angelina Jolie as a 21st-century superhero. The plot could have been written by a five-year-old and the word 'thriller' certainly does not describe this film. It would have been much better as a cartoon."

Stan Mickiewicz

"I'll be brief: rubbish."

Gareth Clear

"The billboard is enough NOT to see it, no?"

Pedro Pires

"007 and Bourne are mere softies compared to Salt who manages everything and more than they could ever hope for. She demonstrates time and again her agility and obsession in downing the baddies who fall like flies when she is around. She is also frantically patriotic and saves that great democracy from the evil intent to break it up. She deserves all that she did not get. The action is full of twists and complex at times and keeps you guessing."

Brian Cripps

"I saw it. It's cool, action packed and full of betrayal and surprises."

Joseph Malingu

"Surprisingly, after the movie I left and felt like I just left a shopping centre because it left me with no impression at all."

Vaida Paludneviciute

"Take it with a pinch of salt. If she had been the female version of Daniel Craig's Bond, it would have been clever. But Angelina Jolie lacked any vulnerability in her role as the CIA agent Salt. Her brief displays of emotion were limited to a scene leaving her dog behind and finding her German husband. By the time she escapes from a moving helicopter and falls into the ocean below, I felt it was one ridiculous stunt too many, but enjoyable."

Mia Braxton

"Review in a nutshell: as formula movies go, this one was exemplary. I would rank Salt as good as the Bourne movies, and it's nice to see Ms Jolie in action."

Scott Hamilton

"It felt like a long trailer for a sequel. And not a good one."

Cyndi Kramer

"Unbelievable and stupid."

Baard Overgaard Hansen

"The roles Angelina Jolie chooses, more often than not, are of an überwoman, saving the world with the help of superlative stunts, ability to shoot flies and somehow looking 'together' throughout. It's become so redundant that her expressions have become predictable, and it feels like Lara Croft has become a never-ending story. It seems that she never takes the chance to exercise humour or wit; she appears grand and wondrous yet emotionally hollow. Salt's character is never explored, nor her husband's, yet the theme of love and marital responsibility runs throughout in the background of the film... but the film is visually enthralling. "

Sara Naqui

"Action packed with a number of twists. OK film, I'd recommend it to a friend."

Katy Main

"It was action all the way but so predictable, very few exposed story lines, very poorly executed script, it was just plain and simple rubbish."

Renae Moneymaker

"You could say that many other actors like Jolie play similar roles in many films. I've never heard anybody complain about Al Pacino playing mobsters or John Wayne playing cowboys many times."

Suzanne Lawson

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