Culture Club: Shrek Forever After

Readers review this week's film
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"It made me think about marriage, complacency and the importance of being grateful for your blessings. Also, I guess the fantastic 3D effects made up for the fact that it wasn't as full of gags as the others. Seeing it in 3D is a must!"

Nicola Gordon-Thaxter

"I liked the first four Shrek films but I really expected this one to stretch it out too much. But Shrek Forever After was actually better than I expected. The birthday party scene near the beginning of the film had me laughing out loud. I particularly loved the little boy who kept asking Shrek to "Do the roar". But Shrek Forever After wasn't just funny, it was also a lot more moving than any of the other films, as we see Shrek lose everything in his life. The film even managed to stay original by changing the storyline and adding a few new characters so you didn't feel like it was just another film about the same old Ogre and his family."

Dylan Kenrick

"I was very disappointed. You can see why it will be the last one. However, my three-year-old liked it."

Kyle Slawson

"My three-year-old fell asleep! First time I've watched a film in 3D though – that kept me awake!"

Simon Hutt

"I loved it – and I'm 35. It's a cartoon, it's not meant to be deep – but it was a great laugh and the animation is awesome!"

Paul Williams

"It was better than the third, but not as good as 1 & 2. Shrek in an alternate universe... hmmm, different! But, you know – it is a cartoon!"

Tamara Agnew

"I enjoyed it – it was a lot more imaginative than the last film with quite a dark story to tell – not so much of the lazy in-jokes either. Of the new characters, Rumpelstiltskin was suitably sneaky and I loved the sight of the now-tubby Puss shimmying down the cat-scratch pole. In saying that, I hope it's the last one – I don't think there is much more mileage from this bunch of characters... "

Raymond Barnett

"I look like Shrek!"

Mukesh Patel

"I did not like it. The best Shrek movie was the second one."

Pin Cowen

"I don't like Shrek at all. I think I like the donkey more."

Janna Alexandrovna

"Perhaps not great for girls – my six- and three-year-olds said it was scary and they lost interest a quarter of the way through it."

Gilberte O'Sullivan

"I wasn't even going to watch it, but one of my friends suggested it to me as one of the funniest things he has ever seen. Although my friend is easily entertained, I took his word for it and I'm glad that I did."

Yan Birkett

"Part of the reason why I liked this was because the whole cast return to do their character voices. So it's great that no one pulled out. The problem with this movie is that the humour falls flat – as do the plot and characters."

Alfred Burgess

"A chance to get back to the real Shrek he once was. Not knowing who he is anymore and not knowing whether he deserves a happy ending, he goes in search of his old self."

Raye Douglas

"Best film in the series."

Matthew Winbourne

"Pah! Money-making tripe."

Robina Creaser

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