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Readers review this week's big TV series
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"Amusing – but at times as pretentious as the food they ate."

Robert Cooper

"It wasn't hilarious, but it was amusing. It should have been condensed into a 90-minute film."

Harbans Mattu

"The series actually achieved an interesting kind of, er, contemplation. I loved lots of tiny details in both Brydon's and Coogan's acting."

Alexander Diehl

"Pretty funny; but the same thing every week – not quite to the word, but certainly plot-wise it was identical, which soon grew tiring."

Richard Taylor

"I really enjoyed it. The acting was invisible, the humour came easily and both Brydon and Coogan are genuinely likeable characters as themselves."

Ursa Major

"Good fun, but self indulgent?"

Ian MacDonald

"It moved easily between hilarity and melancholy, which I finally recognised this week as a showcase of the talents they boast. It had a formulaic structure, but the character development and the relationship that grew between them kept it fresh and watchable over the course of its six half-hour episodes."

Ste Sumner

"Gauche, silly, formatted, tedious, disappointing."

Sum Dood

"I love the two of them, but not together. Pure self indulgence = boring."

Dave Wood

"Almost, almost had the feel of a non-scripted, fly-on-the-wall docu-drama. I loved the discussion on the technicalities of Michael Caine impersonations. Regional identities, albeit inevitable, should have been explored further. The stuck-in-a-metaphor moment is still making me smile. Brydon and Coogan complement each other and I'd like to see more from them, leaving The Trip behind them."

Paul Price

"I found myself looking forward to this trip, enjoyed its subtlety, the scenery en route, the food and the company."

Dee Nickerson

"Coogan trying to do 'small man in a box' was hilarious. Obviously they were really pushing the 'he's a contented family man at peace with his place in the business/he's just lonely and a slave to his ambition' angle. But it worked for me and I actually found myself quite moved at times."

Tim Hopkin

"A stand-out moment was the one time Brydon is noticeably jealous of Coogan, leading to a perfectly pitched awkward advance on Steve's assistant. I loved it. The story arc might not be obvious, but we are left with the sense that Steve is reassessing his priorities and that he has learnt a little from Rob."

Andrew Evans

"In the words of Mr Partridge himself, lovely stuff! I met the two of them in a bar in Ambleside when they were up here in the Lakes filming for the L'enclume episode – they were slightly worse for wear. Cashback! As you can tell, I prefer Coogan's solo work, but The Trip is a decent interlude between the next series and his internet-only shows."


"I missed the last episode but loved the first two – no canned laughter, and no 'signposts' telling you when to laugh."

Kerry Larbalestier

"I'd prefer to watch paint dry."

Tom Caro

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