Day Of The Flowers: Film review - sparky performances but a mawkish screenplay

(15) John Roberts, 99 mins Starring: Eva Birthistle, Charity Wakefield, Carlos Acosta

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John Roberts' drama follows two Scottish sisters Rosa and Ailie (Birthistle and Wakefield), on a trip to Cuba with their father's ashes. One is uptight and politically correct. The other is a "fashion victim" out to have a good time at all costs.

In Cuba, they have the predictable misadventures. Rapacious locals try to rip them off. They discover disturbing secrets about their parents' experiences in the country in the Seventies.

Ballet dancer Acosta, one of the nicer locals they meet, takes a shine to Rosa. The sparky performances from the two leads go some way to atoning for a mawkish screenplay.