Deception (15)

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How about that for an interesting title? Making his feature debut, Marcel Langenegger is apparently known for his "poignant storytelling in the commercial arena" – a euphemism for ad director. Not much in the way of poignancy, or indeed storytelling, in this feeble thriller about a corporate sad-sack (Ewan McGregor) who is befriended by a high-flying lawyer (Hugh Jackman) and introduced to "The List", a sex club for the super-rich.

Before you can say "Wise up, you cretin", McGregor has been taken for the ride of his life and is up to his neck in an embezzlement conspiracy. The "male bonding" scenes between McGregor and Jackman are among the least convincing I've ever seen – check that false laughter – though they begin to look OK in comparison with the big finale in Madrid.