Doghouse (15)

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If Shaun of the Dead is the gold standard of British zombie comedy, and Lesbian Vampire Killers is a tin-plated knock-off, then Doghouse must be ... Ratners.

The set-up: a bunch of mates go off for a boozy weekend in a country village, where the women have all become ravening "zombirds". How Dan Schaffer's script ever got the go-ahead is mysterious; it's not just uncouth and unfunny, it's riven with a sniggering misogyny. Women here start as nags and killjoys, then they become frenzied man-hunters wielding axes and swords. It should surprise no one to hear that Danny Dyer plays the most obnoxious of the blokes. Are berks and louts the only parts he wants to play, or the only parts he can?