DVD: Anything for her (‘Pour Elle’) (15)

Fred Cavayé, 96 minutes
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Julien (Vincent Lindon) is a decent family man whose marriage remains passionate – perhaps because his wife, Lisa, is played by Diane Kruger.

So when Lisa is imprisoned for a murder she didn't commit, Julien decides he must get her out. Fred Cavayé's debut looks pale next to 2006's Tell No One, another do anything for the wife tale. Kruger has little to do besides look glum during Julien's prison visits, and Lindon steals most of the screen time with an intense performance. The film threatens to explore more interesting territory, such as the psychological toll of Julien's violent actions, but in the end there are few twists or turns. Anything for Her might keep you on the edge of your seat, but it never really delivers a payoff to match the tension.