DVD: Beyond the Pole (15)

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Two hapless environmental crusaders set off on the world's first unassisted, carbon-neutral, organic, vegetarian trek to the North Pole.

Their aim is to save the world, and get into the Guinness Book of Records; their slogan, "Don't be impotent, be important", reveals how this journey is as much manly ego-trip as it is eco-trip. The mockumentary features plenty of familiar faces from British comedy, with Stephen Mangan and Rhys Thomas in the main roles, but it's a little short on laughs. While the preparations and set up are lightly handled, once on the ice the film struggles to really gain momentum; polar bear attacks, camp Norwegian rivals and snow madness do little to lighten the load. Although based on a neat idea, the material feels just too slight to sustain a full-length feature film.