DVD & Blu-ray review: Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 (18)

Various directors DVD/Blu-ray

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“Obviously I offended you in some way but since you're a man who can find an insult in a bouquet of roses, I'm not sure quite how…” The introduction of Bobby Cannavale's deranged new gangster, Gyp Rosetti, lights up (at one point, literally) this particularly brutal series, hardly a scene goes by without the threat of ultra-violence. Jimmy's death is still deeply felt, with his disturbed mother (Gretchen Mol, excellent) channeling Thomas Middleton's Revenger's Tragedy here. Elsewhere, Lucky Luciano starts dealing in dope, Michael Shannon's former Fed struggles as a door-to-door salesman and the main protagonist, Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), embraces being a full-time gangster. It's brilliant, fiercely addictive television – but it does not soothe the soul. The whole bunch are all destined for everlasting fire…