DVD: Chalet Girl (12)

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Felicity Jones's bright teen, Kim, is working in a fast-food joint and living with her useless (he can't work the microwave) dad (Bill Bailey).

Her mum's gone – car crash. So far, so Pretty in Pink. But, this being a flimsy, fluffy fantasy film, Kim soon gets a chance to be a chalet girl in an exclusive skiing resort in the Alps; tending to Bill Nighy's gormless, snotty family. At first she's condescended to, her fellow chalet girl (Tamsin Egerton) calls her "little Miss Essex" and her boss (Nighy, on auto-pilot) keeps on forgetting her name. However, she quickly proves a dab hand at snowboarding and snags Ed Westwick's pretty posh boy. Corny, but Jones provides a lot of charm.