DVD: Lost – Season Five (15)

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It may be indecipherable to newcomers, but those that have managed to stick with Lost will know that it continues to be the most addictive programme currently on television.

Fantastic production values and a strong cast, including Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn, all have a part to play in this, but the real reason why its viewers not only stay glued to each episode but spend hours discussing it afterwards, are the constant twists and mysteries posed.

In this, the penultimate season, the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 continue to be complicated further as some of the characters find themselves leaping through time. As always, it can be hard to keep up, but this is to the credit of Lost – it is rare to find a show that chooses to maintain such a complex story, although it means that if you are tempted to watch it for the first time then you have no choice but to start at the beginning.

The show appears to have been imbued with a greater sense of purpose ever since the producers announced in 2007 that the sixth season would be the last, and as a result this penultimate season is one of the best, ensuring Lost enters the final straight as strong as ever.