DVD: Lost: Season 6 (15)


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What's less believable than the plotline of the last instalment of Lost?

Desmond's Scottish accent? Hurley's perplexingly constant waistline? Or the fact that it's precipitated by a nuclear explosion that splits the narrative timeline in two, with a universe parallel to the central island-based story gifting the season its new "flash sideways" scenes? Who cares? Murkier than the infamous smoke monster and more sexually charged than Kate and Sawyer locked in a polar bear cage, Lost's swan-song does a pretty fine job of tying up the most confounding series of the castaway genre.

Those who've witnessed the previous 103 episodes' worth of plane-crashing, time-travelling, island-moving action will still be impressed by how many twists the creators manage to jam in, and a 12-minute epilogue exclusive to this release answers a couple of extra questions neatly. In a perfectly "meta" twist, part of the explanation involves Ben showing the workers who pack cans for the Dharma food-drops a DVD outlining why they were employed in the first place, as well as giving us a glimpse at what became of Walt. The revelations come thicker and faster than before, and for anyone hooked on the exploits of Oceanic flight 815 and its passengers, their last recorded movements are a bittersweet must-see and an unmissable slice of TV history.