DVD review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Gavin Hood, 107 mins (12)

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Young Logan (Hugh Jackman) claws his old man to death and goes on the run with his similarly clawed brother, Victor (Liev Schreiber – what in hell's teeth is he doing in this rot?).

The wolverines grow up fighting together in a bunch of wars, before joining a brigade of mercenary mutants. After some unpleasant business in Lagos, Logan abandons his psychotic bro and the bloodthirsty grunts, led by Danny Huston (what is he doing in this?), and takes up lumberjacking in Canada; settling down with a comely teacher. Six years later, his old "pals" track him down. It's the sort of trashy actioner that Sly and Arnie excelled at in the 1980s. However, this is a clunky, clichéd and gag-free comic-strip affair.