DVD: Righteous Kill (15)

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Grizzled detectives David "Rooster" Fisk (Al Pacino) and Tom "Turk" Cowan (Robert De Niro) have been partners on the streets of New York for decades when they're set on the trail of a serial killer who is targeting criminals and leaving behind poems justifying the killings.

As the body count rises, the evidence starts to point towards the culprit being a vigilante cop, and Turk becomes the main suspect. Getting Pacino and De Niro together is a coup (and doesn't this film know it), but any good work is undone by a poor supporting cast, including 50 Cent. Despite this, the central pairing would still have been thrillingly compelling if the script was half-decent, but the clunky and clichéd dialogue means that even these two old masters can't lift it above mediocrity.