DVD: Sex Drive (15)

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The editors of Sex Drive could have trimmed two hours off this smorgasbord of puerility and still have been left with an overweight teen flick.

Like a super-bad Superbad, the panoply of phallus, doughnut-costume and anal-sex jokes recommend the film only to the kind of teenage halfwits whose misadventures it attempts to depict. Cartoon violence and an obsession with bodily fluids dominate a classically dull coming-of-age road trip, on which the three peppy young protagonists engage in the most tedious love triangle in the history of romantic geometry. Chuckling at the less well-off rednecks they meet along the way, the film's stand-out moment is a cameo from Austin Powers star Seth Green as a sarcastic Amish car mechanic, from which you may infer something of the quality of the writing.