DVD: Skellig (PG)

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John Simm never feels like the right size (the cop in Life of Mars) or seem to have the sufficient degree of menace (The Master in Dr Who) for a lot of his roles, but he is never less than convincing or compelling.

And although this is ostensibly about the relationship between a shy young boy, Michael (Skye Bennett), and a smelly, beer-loving angel, Skellig (Tim Roth), it's Simm that gives Annabel Jankel's adept adaptation of David Almond's novel impetus and heart. Michael's family have moved into a crumbling wreck. His father (Simm) works overtime to make ends meet, his mother (Kelly McDonald) is expecting a baby girl. While Michael discovers Skellig in the family's rotting shed, his sister clings to life in an incubator. A nicely paced and heartfelt children's drama.