DVD: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (PG), Various directors, (DVD, 83 mins)

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You can see the wicked queen's point. Her chubby-cheeked step-daughter, Snow White, is quite annoying, constantly chuntering away to any small animal within listening distance and obsessively, compulsively cleaning everything. Kevin Lima's Enchanted (2007) did an exquisite job of mocking this classic fairy tale and we're now used to a more sophisticated and arch type of animation. But Walt Disney's 1937 film, which took three years to make, is still sensational to look at and packs a sinister bite – you never forget the queen's wild-eyed old hag offering the gormless White a poisoned apple or White fleeing into the snarling forest – while "Heigh-Ho" is still the best marching to work song there is.