DVD: The Cove (12)

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Rick O'Barry surfed a wave of success on the dorsal fins of the globally syndicated TV series Flipper.

He captured and trained the five dolphins that would play the eponymous lead cetacean. But the "suicide" of one of the dolphins due to the stress of captivity led Barry to an epiphany. "I spent 10 years building up the dolphin industry and the last 35 trying to tear it down," he says. The Cove is a docu-thriller shot with hidden cameras and infrared film in Taiji, Japan, tracking Barry and a team of rugged environmentalists in a cat-and-mouse chase to uncover Japan's secret slaughter of thousands of dolphins. Dolphins' sonar sees right through us – but not well enough to perceive our dark heart. Watch this and weep for their species... and ours.