DVD: The Firm (18)

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Dom is a confident lad who falls in with the local firm of football hooligans and its charismatic yet explosive "top boy" Bex.

As he is dragged further into the away-day bust-ups with the police, Dom, Calum McNab, alienates his friends and family and finds Bex may not be the role model he thought. The film is bold and brash, riffing heavily on its 1980s setting with loud neon lights and even louder outfits, while director Nick Love who brought the world Danny Dyer with The Football Factory is in his element. Yet it treads all the usual steps of the football hooligan movie, with the same blokes boozing, sneering and fighting the same fights. If you don't want to be "mugged off" seek out The Firm starring Gary Oldman from 1988 instead.