DVD: The Green Hornet (12)

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The Green Hornet joins Hudson Hawk, Batman and Robin and The Avengers as one of the all-time, big-budget action duds.

The one-note, one-expression Seth Rogen plays Britt, a spoiled playboy with father issues. After his newspaper proprietor dad (the reliably excellent Tom Wilkinson in too brief a performance) dies, Britt decides to join forces with company chauffeur and martial-arts supremo Kato (Jay Chou) to fight crime in Los Angeles as the masked hero The Green Hornet. The defiantly unfunny Rogen, who also co-wrote this rot, upends the film with his tiresome bromance schtick (also see Pineapple Express), and actors Christoph Waltz (as the arch villain anxious about his "reputation") and Cameron Diaz (as a gormless secretary) are thoroughly wasted along the way. Don't be stung.