DVD: The Tourist (12)

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This glacially paced suspense thriller valiantly tries to be some sort of antidote to the frenetic Jason Bourne films, with an emphasis on style, insouciance and wit over action; only Julian Fellowes's script isn't terribly funny.

Johnny Depp plays a widowed mathematician, Frank, who, while holidaying in Europe, encounters Angelina Jolie's exotic Elise. Like Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest, she flirts with him at his train table, and then leads him into all sorts of peril. The Tourist is a flop in so many ways, most notably in the awkwardness of the two leads and the fact that they look so odd (Jolie wears a startled expression, like she's unearthed Jennifer Aniston in her shoe cupboard), but its clunky, mannered, very predictable nature is rather endearing, soothing even.