DVD: Twilight (12)

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Her directorial debut was the shockingly gritty Thirteen, before she went on to tackle disaffected skaters in Lords of Dogtown. Viewers have come to expect dark films that don't talk down to the younger generation, and her new film, Twilight, an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's hugely popular gothic-lite novel for young adults, doesn't disappoint.

Bella is the new girl at school, having gone to live with her father in the permanently gloomy town of Forks. Everyone is instantly intrigued by her, but she only perks up when she spots the pale-faced Edward Cullen across the crowded cafeteria. After some eerie occurrences and whisperings of local myths about the Cullen family, Bella soon realises that her new crush is of the undead.

It's a bit silly and dramatic, as well as hardly being the first time cinema and TV have touched on the forbidden romance between vampire and human, but it's great fun and the love story manages to convince. Kristen Stewart is wonderful as Bella, playing her as independent and tough but with a sad sense of longing. Robert Pattinson's Edward is all tortured bad boy with a soul. And he just might be the most handsome demon to ever appear onscreen. There are hours of extras to entertain the packs of fans who made this one of the most hyped films of last year.