Employee of the Month (12A)

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Employee of the Month is the comedy of the month. It may not get the cash registers ringing the way Dodgeball and The 40-Year-Old Virgin did, but, like them, it's a buddy comedy which is piled high with jokes but which is never so cartoonish that we stop caring about the hero. It also features two Seinfeld alumni, which has to be a good sign.

The film is set in SuperClub, a megamart bigger than most towns. For 10 years Dane Cook has drifted through his tenure there as a lowly cardboard box carrier, content to make sarcastic wisecracks while the showboating head cashier, Dax Shepherd, wows the customers and the bosses. But that changes with the offer of a productivity bonus in the curvaceous form of Jessica Simpson. She's a perky new colleague who's just transferred from another branch of SuperClub, and is rumoured to have a soft spot for Employees of the Month. For anyone disappointed by Clerks 2, this is a film to check out.