Film review: Bait (15)


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It's two for the price of one in this engagingly daft Aussie B-movie. Lifeguard Josh (Xavier Samuel) has become a mournful shelf-stacker following the death by sharkbite of his best mate and the defection of his fiancee (Sharni Vinson) to Singapore.

The parted couple reunite just as a freak tsunami thunders into their coastal resort, flooding the supermarket where Josh works and trapping a handful of survivors inside. But the tide has brought in not one but two great white sharks, and the countdown begins on which cast member is next for the chomp.

Director Kimble Rendall has struggles of his own with some lame CGI and one or two actors who aren't up to the demands of even this lowly work. But he delivers a few bona fide thrills amid the drowned aisles of the unlucky supermarket: "Safeway" it isn't.