Film review: Bullet to the Head, Sylvester Stallone in Walter Hill's action flick


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Time was when the title card "A Film by Walter Hill" induced a proper thrill of anticipation. Sadly, the likes of The Warriors, The Driver and Southern Comfort are but a memory, replaced by knuckleheaded action pics such as this.

Sylvester Stallone, another of yesterday's men, stars as a contract killer pickled in bourbon and cynicism: "The people I work for are shit, the ones I take out are worse."

Now he has to make alliance with a Korean-born cop (Sung Kang) as he seeks revenge on the scumbags who killed his partner. No fewer than 13 producers/exec-producers are listed, none of whom thought to fix the shoddy script or the appalling gutbucket blues score by Steve Mazzaro.

They're not kidding about the title: even after a body has been riddled with bullets the coup de grace is invariably one between the eyes. Delightful.