Film review: Diana (12A)

Naomi Watts (113 mins)

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What is it? A biopic about Princess Diana’s love affair with the heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel (who directed Downfall), with Naomi Watts in the title role.

The Independent says: “The film fails to convince us on any level. Watts’ impersonation is technically proficient, and if any of the things that her character said or did in private rang true, it might have been possible to suspend one’s disbelief. But every character is psychologically inert, and the dialogue is leaden, trite and needlessly explanatory.”

They say: The Guardian: “I hesitate to use the term ‘car crash cinema’. But the awful truth is [Diana] has died another awful death. This is due to an excruciatingly well-intentioned, reverential and sentimental biopic.”

Daily Mail: “without panache, lightness of touch or the slightest aptitude for romance.”

Hollywood Reporter: “a more enjoyable experience than the worst naysayers suggest … a globe-trotting escapist romance, visually rich but psychologically shallow … Its biggest flaw is shockingly bad dialogue.”

You say: @CassBrowningIAm: “Lets just give Naomi Watts the Razzie right now #Diana”

@ElectricBham: “We won’t be showing the #Diana movie; if you’re wondering why, just watch the trailer”