Film review: No One Lives (18)


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Here's an original opening to a movie: a bedraggled and half-naked young woman tears through the woods screaming in terror, an unseen assailant at her back. Not everything turns out as predictable in this lavishly gory slasher flick, though its twists are of a kind that will draw exasperated sighs rather than shocked gasps.

A gang of thugs who specialise in kidnapping tourists spot a tall dark stranger (Luke Evans) and waylay him: a very bad idea, as it turns out. How were they to know they've got entangled with America's most inventive psychopath? Hannibal Lecter should eat his (or perhaps somebody else's) heart out. Adelaide Clemens – last seen starring opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in Parade's End – is good as the unfortunate kidnap victim who's got scars up to here, but she's stuck in a movie that is only looking for the next top to go over.