Film review: One Chance is contrived but still affecting

David Frankel, 104mins. Starring: James Corden, Julie Walters (12A)

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Triumph follows adversity follows triumph follows adversity in dizzying fashion in David Frankel's contrived but still affecting biopic of Paul Potts, the phone salesman from Port Talbot who became the first winner of Britain's Got Talent.

Potts, played as a "lovely big fatty" by James Corden, has a fatalistic approach to life. But, as you'd expect from the director of The Devil Wears Prada, the film doesn't go in for gritty Ken Loach-like realism in its portrayal of South Wales.

The music is glorious. Corden is so likable that you don't notice how trite the storytelling is. Colm Meaney is in snarling form as Potts's rugby-loving (opera-despising) dad, while Julie Walters hams it up, Acorn Antiques-style, as Paul's garrulous mum.

A sly comic turn from Mackenzie Crook as Potts' boss helps keep the schmaltz partly at bay, while Alexandra Roach is good value as Paul's loyal wife.