Film review: Slapstick and gooey mawkishness in Baggage Claim

David E Talbert, 97mins. Starring: Paula Patton, Derek Luke, Taye Diggs (12A)

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The writer-director David E Talbert's rom-com follows a Baltimore flight attendant (Paula Patton) in her 30 day quest to find a husband.

Montana Moore (Patton) dates various politicians, businessmen and music industry execs before discovering that the perfect guy doesn't exist. It's obvious to us, if not to her, where she will eventually find true love.

Patton is a likable and attractive screen presence who keeps on smiling throughout all her romantic disappointments. Some of the slapstick is well enough observed.

The film is brightly shot but is increasingly undermined by its own gooey mawkishness and, worst of all, by its utter predictability.