Film Socialisme (PG)

Starring: Christian Sinniger, Catherine Tanvier
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Unimaginable tedium. Jean-Luc Godard's film is allegedly a "symphony in three movements", though you could call it an epic poem or a haiku and still be none the wiser.

Indeed, its subtitles are so sketchy that without competent French you'll literally not make sense of it. The first part is set on a cruise ship that docks at various ports (Odessa, Naples, Barceona), the second plays out in a rural petrol station, the third borrows snippets of other films. The tone is one of narked polemic, though I confess to bafflement at what precisely has got the old man's goat. Globalisation could be part of it – but don't quote me. Quite apart from the non-drama and the opaque dialogue, the film's maddeningly insistent sound design ensures that you can't even sleep through it.