First Sunday (12A)

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Whoever managed to persuade Ice Cube that he had any gift for light comedy deserves some kind of prize – and then a jail sentence.

This astonishingly dire caper, written and directed by David E Talbert, casts the Cube as a petty criminal down on his luck: his ex-wife's about to relocate to Atlanta and take their teenage son with her – "ma son", as Cube insists on calling him – unless he can raise $17,000 to pay off her debt. In desperation, he decides the only thing for it is to rob the local church – with unhilarious consequences.

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The cast mug and gurn, the camera lecherously eyes the female star's rear end, and the viewer marvels at the fact that Cube has managed to find a co-star – Tracy Morgan – who has even less comic brio than himself.