Forgetting Sarah Marshall (15)

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It is surely one of the cardinal laws of romantic comedy that the hero should not be a needy, pathetic, whingeing berk, but I'm afraid that's more or less the part that Jason Segel plays here.

He wrote the script, too, so there's really no excuse. When he's dumped by his TV-star girlfriend, Sarah (Kristen Bell), he flies off to Hawaii for a holiday and lands in a nightmare – Sarah is staying at the same hotel, with her rock-star boyfriend (Russell Brand, who should not give up the day job). This is another from the Judd Apatow stable, and further proof that the quality control there is in freefall. Drillbit Taylor at least had its moments; this has only the ubiquitous Jonah Hill and a bunch of bad sex jokes. As for the hero's puppet opera about Dracula's love life – don't even go there.