Four (15)

Starring: Sean Pertwee, Kierston Wareing

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Or: The Cuckold, The Cheat, The Wife and Her Lover.

This morose British four-hander is confined to an abandoned warehouse where a betrayed husband (Craig Conway) has hired a detective (Sean Pertwee) to bring him the louse who's been diddling his missus. But have they got the right man? Paul Chronnell's script meditates on male insecurity and possessiveness, though the attempt at menace unwisely borrows quotations from Hollywood movies that make it sound rather wannabe in consequence. The film's wild card is Kierston Wareing as the abducted wife with a marked unwillingness to play the victim. The moral of the story: if you kidnap someone, try to make sure he or she isn't nastier, sneakier and swearier than you are.