Frozen (15)

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This minimalist thriller offers the same endurance-test nightmare as Open Water, only here the imperilled characters are marooned on a mountain, and wolves substitute for the sharks.

Dan (Kevin Zegers), his best friend Joe (Shawn Ashmore) and his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) have sneaked on to the last ride on the ski-run when they realise the lights have gone out, the mountain is closed for the week and they're dangling a hundred feet off the ground with a storm coming in. Adam Green generates a morbid tension from what might literally be called a suspense story: the panic that grips each of the trio is palpable. You may wonder at the implausibility of none of them having a mobile phone, but as the hours go by and Will Barratt's eerie cinematography isolates them, the mounting terror of their predicament begins to twang the nerves. And frostbite has seldom looked more horrifying.