Green Lantern (12A)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively
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Another DC comics superhero, another ho-hum 3D movie adventure. Ryan Reynolds stars as a hotshot test pilot who finds himself unwittingly co-opted into an intergalactic peace-keeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

This involves taking an oath and wearing a green ring that allows him to pull all sorts of kinetic stuff, a handy talent given that Earth is threatened by the evil Parallax. The storytelling achieves a decent tempo, though the anything-goes effects conjuring will not wow anyone who's used a computer before. Reynolds's accession to the Green Lantern Corps is not welcomed by all – Mark Strong, looking like a cross between Dr Spock and Oswald Moseley, is a sceptical leader named Sinestro – but they would have to admit he strikes cool poses in the green jumpsuit and mask. Blake Lively plays his love interest, Peter Sarsgaard the unfortunate scientist Hector, and Tim Robbins yet another slimeball politician.