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This is one of those thrillers in which the clues and warnings are all but flashed up in lights for the benefit of the audience. Demi Moore slums it as a bestselling mystery novelist whose young son drowns in a London canal, possibly because of her negligence. Abandoning her editor husband, she goes to nurse her bereavement in a picturesque cottage on the Scottish coast, where a hunky young lighthouse keeper (Hans Matheson) is soon taking her on romantic walks along the beach. But why does Moore feel that she is Not Alone?

The best way to endure this preposterous junk is to keep a tally of the movies that director Craig Rosenberg steals from, starting with Don't Look Now, and progressing (if that's the word) through Dial M For Murder, Vertigo and even The Wicker Man. Almost enjoyable in its clumsiness - Half Wit would have been a truer title.