Hallam Foe (18)

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Since his mother's death, the eponymous Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell) has been brooding in a treehouse on his family's country estate, wearing lipstick warpaint and a badger's skin on his head. Eventually he is forced to abscond to Edinburgh, where he talks his way into a job in a hotel kitchen. In his spare time, he clambers over the city's rooftops, peeping through the windows of a flat owned by a colleague (Sophia Myles), who is the spitting image of his dead mother. By his standards, this counts as healthy behaviour.

As long as Hallam is in Edinburgh, his twisted adventures are surprisingly breezy and energetic. The gothic countryside scenes are rushed and unconvincing in comparison, but Bell is sprightly enough to ensure that this off-kilter curio never crashes to the ground.