Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (12A)

Readers review this week's big film
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"I'm a Harry Potter fan, but I went to sleep in this one."

Jeff Kulen-Smith

"Brilliant film – best of the bunch."

Go Uk

"Best yet, saw it on Friday, seeing it again. They still don't quite get it, but this is the closest yet."

Emma Anne James

"J K Rowling should have killed Potter off properly, and had him sacrifice his own life in order to finally get rid of Voldemort. It would have been a much more plausible and adult ending."

Carol Emmas

"Just fantastic."

Jake Rubinsky

"Was it as good as the book? What movie ever has been? What goes on in your head in your imagination will always trump any film. Was it an excellent adaptation? Yes, it was. They ended it all perfectly."

Emily MacIntosh

"Radcliffe looked out of his depth, especially in the part where Harry learns that he has to die – he's meant to look shocked, scared and nervous at the same time, but Radcliffe fails to pull it off."

Tushar Kelkar

"A perfect end to a magical coming-of-age story. 'No story lives unless someone wants to listen... the stories we love best do live in us forever.' Nothing better than J K Rowling's words from the book to describe this last instalment of the great HP saga."

Antonella Gramola Sands

"David Yates did it badly. There is not a single gripping battle scene in the movie. This part is about the battle for Hogwarts, for Gryffindor's sake!"

Chozo Tull

"I am a Christian and I generally avoid TV shows and movies about witches and witchcraft."


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