Home (3D), film review: Cheery DreamWorks feature combines wit with mind-boggling inanity

(U) Tim Johnson, 93 mins. Voiced by: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez
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The latest, very cheery DreamWorks animated feature is about Oh, a lovable but exasperating gonk from another planet. He and his fellow "Boovs" take over earth, suspend gravity and send all the humans to Australia.

The other gonks don't much like Oh and refuse to come to his party. When he inadvertently sends the invitation to the Boovs' deadly enemy, it looks as if annihilation beckons. Oh goes on the run and strikes up an unlikely friendship with a girl called Gratuity – "Tip" for short, (voiced by Rihanna), whose mum is missing.

Together, they do their best to save the world. The film combines wit with mind-boggling inanity but is so brash and good-natured that it is very hard to dislike.