I Love You Beth Cooper (15)

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A jolly take on high-school outsiderdom, I Love You Beth Cooper gets its title from its opening scene, when the nerdy hero, Denis (Paul Rust), uses his graduation speech to declare his love for a girl (Heroes's Hayden Panettiere) he's never even spoken to. She responds to this public humiliation not by taking out a restraining order, but by turning up at Denis's house that evening with two of her friends, and taking him and his sidekick out for the night. Denis soon learns that this hard-drinking, reckless-driving bad girl is a long way from the image he always had of her.

Or is she? The problem is that even when Panettiere is ramming a Hummer through a wall, she's still so insipid that she probably wouldn't survive until the lunch break on Skins or Inbetweeners, while Denis's wild night out is actually a boring night out punctuated by a few moments of extreme danger. Far too sanitised and raunch-free to work as a teen comedy, I Love You Beth Cooper is like Superbad with the rude bits cut out.