Infamous (15)

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Infamous is one of the most heartbreaking films I've seen in years, but it's not the characters who break your heart as much as the writer-director. Douglas McGrath has made a movie that's so close to last year's Capote that you're rocked by déjà vu as you watch it, and you're always aware that, unless he brings the real Truman Capote back to life, Infamous has no chance of emerging from its predecessor's shadow.

Both films concentrate on the writer's trip to Kansas in 1959 with Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock) to research a magazine article about a multiple murder. In both films, the article swells to a book, In Cold Blood, and Capote bonds with one of the incarcerated killers, Perry Smith (Daniel Craig). The difference is that Infamous is a brighter, snazzier, less subtle and more entertaining version, with a more flamboyant leading man (Toby Jones). It's just as good - but it's just too late.