It Might Get Loud (PG)

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Plectrums at the ready: this hagiography of three guitar heroes will have axe-aficionados everywhere striking a pose in the name of amplified rock.

The virtuosi in question, Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White, roughly span the generations, and the gimmick of Davis Guggenheim's documentary is to gather the trio on an empty soundstage to riff, to rock, to reminisce. Interleaved with this are biographical snippets (Page as an eager young schoolboy on early 1960s television) and concert footage of each player in his prime (White's fingers bleeding over the fretboard; The Edge standing meekly in the shadow of Bono's messianic stage cavorting). Of course, the fundamental idea of such profiling is flawed, because musicians are far less interesting in what they say than in what they play. All three seem decent enough blokes, but they are not fascinating talkers – unless, that is, you happen to be obsessed with the double-neck guitar, custom-built microphones or the intricacies of effect pedals.