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Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of pranksters return to face another round of humiliating dares and stunts, some risky, some repellent, all of them stupid. Bodily emissions are the most regular source of mirth: I thought I had seen nothing more disgusting than the bottom-to-face trick of "The Fart Mask", until, that is, a few of them decided to quaff a mouthful of horse semen.

A kind of pathological exhibitionism is at work. It seems that these guys will do just about anything as long as there's a camera around to watch them. Knoxville, who has a career as an actor, still takes on some of the most dangerous stuff, and you end up almost admiring him for his moronic bravery: it's hard to imagine another Hollywood C-lister getting bitten by an anaconda, tossed by a bull or maimed by a riot gun purely for our entertainment.