Jennifer's Body (15)

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Diablo Cody sounds like someone with a devilish tongue – she wrote the super-sassy hit Juno – and it's at full stretch in this high-school horror.

Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is a bespectacled plain-Jane and unlikely best friend of Jennifer (Megan Fox), a babe with a taste for the wild side. Their friendship undergoes a wobble after Jennifer is abducted by a satanist rock band and returns to their small town – Devil's Kettle, wouldn't you know? – with a feral gleam in her eye and a new appetite for boys. "I'm not gonna bite you," she says, but she's lying. Karyn Kusama, the director, had a hit 10 years ago with Girlfight, but she seems not to have made much headway since. Here, she tosses all sorts into the pot – girl-on-girl action, psycho cannibalism, murder most foul – but the resulting concoction has little flavour and even less originality. There's the occasional spiky moment, such as the rock band who release a tribute single to victims of a fire and pledge that "3 per cent" of its proceeds will go to charity. But after the quick-fire wit of Juno, this is disappointing.