Joe Strummer: the Future is Unwritten (15)

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After Don Letts' Westway to the World, you'd think the market for Clash documentaries was pretty much saturated. But Julien Temple's affectionate portrait of the self-styled "Punk Rock Warlord", while over long, occasionally pious and studded with superfluous celebrity endorsements (Johnny Depp? John Cusack? Bono!!?), convinced me that there was room for at least one more. Among its selling-points are some terrific old footage, frank interviews with former associates, and a sly sense of humour. So a remark to the effect that Joe's diplomatic service childhood taught him how to be a good host is followed by grainy film of Strummer at a party offering round the LSD. It's also a reminder of how far away 1977 is: what happened to all that anger?