John Tucker Must Die (12A)

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Three of the most popular girls in school have had their hearts broken by the captain of the basketball team, John Tucker (Desperate Housewives' pectastic gardener, Jesse Metcalfe).

In order to turn the tables, they take a plain girl named Kate (the not-at-all plain Brittany Snow) and make her over into just the kind of babe that John can't resist. Ah, but what about Kate? If she pretends to be someone else, will she lose her own identity? That's the question that John Tucker Must Die keeps asking. But the answer it keeps supplying, is: well, no, not really. To hook the hunk, all Kate needs to do is to join the cheerleading squad and play hard to get, neither of which is a fundamental betrayal of her principles.

Compared to the suspiciously similar Mean Girls, this isn't mean enough, and it's all too girly.